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Summer Program

2016 Summer Program

*To enroll in the summer program please call (661) 245-3139 or stop by RM 10 on the Frazier Park School Campus

Week 1:  “A Bug’s Life”                                                                               June 13 – June 17

This week campers “bug out” and get down and dirty with all things creepy-crawly.  Come help us follow ants, spy on butterflies, and grow real live lady bugs! 


Week 2:  “Da Vinci”                                                                                     June 20 – June 24

Leonardo Da Vinci was a great artist, inventor, and scientist.  This week, we will imagine ourselves as students of Da Vinci and learn about the talents of this true Renaissance man!  Campers will be presented with engineering challenges, create masterpieces of art and sculpture, delve into the science of human anatomy and explore Da Vinci’s inventive sketches of bicycles and flying machines – many centuries ahead –of-the times.


Week 3:  “Sticky, Messy, & Fun”                                                               June 27 – July 1

Science isn’t always clean, but it’s always fun! In this hands-on camp, our scientists-in-training will observe the relationships between temperature and spoilage, how smell travels, and all the fun (& messy) experiments that go with it.  This camp will be exciting for all curious minds and budding scientists alike.


Week 4:  “Need for Speed”                                                                                    July 5 – July 8

How fast can you go?  Rev up your engines for a crazy good time!  Campers will spend the week doing fast and fun activities – exploring race cars, rockets, airplanes and learning about aerodynamics.  The week will cap off with designing and racing pinewood derby cars.


                        Week 5:  “Hogwarts Potion in Motion”                                                    July 11 – July 15                                              Perfect for the fledgling witch or wizard in your home, this “Harry Potter”-themed week is full of fun filled activities.  Campers will spend the week making their own magic wands, and crafting concoctions.  This themed chemistry lab will show just how engaging chemical reactions can be.


Week 6:  “Spy Kids”                                                                                                July 18 – July 22

In this secret agent themed camp, campers will be learning all the tricks of the espionage trade such as making disguises, researching targets, unscrambling ciphers, and making their own handy gadgets.  Enroll your little operative today!


Week   7:  “Camp Half Blood”                                                                                 July 25 – July 29

Campers head to “Camp Half-Blood”, based on the popular Percy Jackson book series.  In this epic boot camp, Campers will participate in chariot races, tap into their ancient hidden powers, and feast like the Gods.  Members end the week with the possibility to take home the gold in the 2016 camp-wide Olympic Games!

Week 8:  “Futuristic Fun”                                                                                      August 1 – August 5

Technology and fantasy come together and imagination runs wild in Sci-fi Fantasy week!  This week, campers will have the chance to explore the past, present, and future, and beyond through their own creativity!  Through creative writing, inventing, art, and stories, there are endless possibilities to explore space, myths and legends and think about what the future will be like.


                  Week 9:  “Splashapalooza”                                                                                   August 8 –August 12             

During the last week of summer, campers will go out with a splash! Come help us squeeze the last drop out of summer fun by building boats, making giant bubbles, and playing a TON of wet and wild games!

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