What is happening at Frazier Park School?  Besides keeping all the children safe, always our first concern; Frazier Park Teachers are making learning happen for the students.  If you think more is expected of students today than in the past, you are correct.  Our teachers and our students are stepping up to meet this challenge.  At Frazier Park School, we have many ways of knowing how a student is progressing.  We hope you are aware of just how well Frazier Park School is doing with your student. 

A big part of the Frazier Park School team is our parents.  The greatest success for students happens when parents are involved.  This involvement can take many forms.  Helping your child at home is huge.  Ask your child what they learned in school.  Read to your child and have them read to you.  Look at their homework and make sure your child has attempted to do it.  Help your child with basic facts.  Math facts do not change and they simply need to be memorized.  Help your child memorize at home.  Of course if you have time to volunteer in your child’s classroom that would be wonderful.

Working together, we are making Frazier Park School an exceptional place to learn.

Mr. Patrick Gross