We are in the midst of the holiday season at Frazier Park School.  Like everyone else, even at school we reflect and want to give thanks and give back to our wonderful mountain community.

The staff at Frazier Park School is thankful for what we get to do.  We are thankful, not because we are “playing school.” We don’t teach subjects in school, we teach children.  We are thankful because we get to work with your wonderful children.  Being in education is difficult work, not necessarily strenuous but trying to make learning happen for all children is difficult work.  It is difficult, but meaningful.  This is why we are thankful.  The educators at Frazier Park School are so committed and thankful that many consider their work as a Divine calling!

This is also the season of giving and few people are more giving than teachers.  Teachers, based on hours of their own education compared with other jobs, make less money.  Teachers teach to “give” not “get.”  Not only do teachers make comparatively less money, they spend much of their own money on their classroom and students – “give.”  Frazier Park teachers spend many hours beyond contract hours working – “give.”  This gift of education for your child may not be wrap in pretty paper, but it is a precious gift by giving teachers.

We sincerely hope you will be able to join Frazier Park School at our Winter Program on the 19th.  This is our way of celebrating with thankful hearts and once again giving back to you as we showcase your beautiful students.

We also would like to wish you a very prosperous New Year and look forward to continuing to work together for a quality education for your child.

Mr. Patrick Gross