School is an interesting place; we have two beginnings.  The first beginning is the start of school in August.  The second beginning is the start of a new year.  Either way, beginnings are a type of opportunity for a new start, for change.  This is what school is all about: change, improvement, or growth.

As professional educators, the teachers at Frazier Park School work to bring about academic growth in each student.  We want and work to see this change in every child.  Students are not “labeled” but rather academic needs are identified and then interventions enacted for growth.

In the same way, although we at Frazier Park School are not behaviorist, we work to improve student behavior. All of us have made mistakes.  We have done things we regret.  None of us want to be labeled by our mistakes, and our children are no different.  Sometimes they say something they should not.  Sometimes they do something they should not.  We do not label students as bad.  They simply made a bad choice and now we need to help them learn to make better choices.  Every day can be a new beginning.

Whether learning academics or behavior, it is all about improving, changing for the better.  Working together, parent and teacher, this new year we can continue to make Frazier Park School a great place for your child to change, improve, or grow.

Mr. Patrick Gross