Only two more months left in this school year.  We are nearing the end, but there is still much learning to take place; we want to finish strong.  We obviously at school want to finish strong academically, but we are also concerned with the children’s physical health.  We want to continue to make healthy strong decisions for their physical being.

Some people make a wrong decision that schools do not care about students finding the correct answer.  As stated, this is not true.  We want students to understand why a problem is correct and be able to explain why something is correct; and yes, we want the work correct.  If you need help tutoring your child, here is a great site you may want to check out online: Kahn Academy: This could be just the little bit of help you and your child needs to finish academically strong this year.

The end of the school year usually brings class parties.  As we think of finishing the school year healthy, you may want to think of providing healthy class party snacks instead of sugar.  Sadly, the issue of children being overweight is an increasing issue in our country.  If you need suggested ideas for healthy class party snacks, please talk with your child’s teacher.  Whatever you do, we appreciate your involvement in your child’s education.

Two very different ideas for finishing this school year strong, yet both very helpful.

Mr. Patrick Gross