Transparency – Accountability – Accessibility

These three words should be critical in public education.  Frazier Park School is not a private school or a military school.  We are a California public school and it is our desire to be transparent, accountable, and accessible.

Frazier Park School tries to be transparent.  Visits from parents are welcome.  Visits; we cannot have parents here all the time.  Parent volunteers are even more welcome.  We have nothing to hide and appreciate when we can work together. 

Frazier Park School is accountable to the public.  We work hard to provide the best education to the children entrusted to us.  We are the beginning of State testing: Third and Fourth Grades.  This is a huge challenge to our students, but even so our performance as a school on State testing is public – transparency and accountability. We are very aware that parents actually have choices when it comes to the education of your child.

Lastly, we are accessible.  If scheduled, teachers will conference with parents.  Teachers cannot conference with a parent when they are supposed to be teaching students.  The school office is open from 7:30 AM to 4:00.  We cannot try to address a concern if we do not hear about it. Posting a concern on Facebook does not let the school know of the problem and therefore does your child no good even though you may have vented.  There is no such thing as a perfect world, there is also no such thing as a perfect school; but we are accessible to hear your concern and try to address it.  Part of accessibility and accountability is knowing who to talk to.  As an example: Mr. Gross has little say or control over buses or food that is served in the cafeteria.

Frazier Park School          245 3312              Principal Pat Gross

Food Service                      248 6213              Director of Food Service Robert Sanchez

Transportation                  303 1747              Director of Transportation Patrice Barnes

District Office                    248 6247              Superintendent Rod Wallace

Boys & Girls Club              245 3139              Director Stephanie Bishop

We are a public educational system that answers to a School Board which is elected by you, the public.  School Board meetings are open to the public and you have the right to address your elected School Board.  School Board meetings are held the second Thursday of the month, open session at 6:30 PM.

Working together, transparent, accountable, and accessible, we can make Frazier Park School “a great place to grow” for your child.

Mr. Patrick Gross