Another great year is coming to a close.  If you ever question what public education accomplishes, look at your child’s work samples at the beginning of the year and compare them to what your child is doing now.  If you do not have these samples you might see some at Open House on May 30th.

This type of student growth is not due to one person’s efforts.  The students that show the greatest growth for this year are the students that put forth a personal effort, had great instruction by their teacher, and had support at home.  Education is a team effort.  Thank you for your participation and effort this year.

I would also like to once again thank you for allowing Frazier Park School the honor of working with your child.  I can think of no other profession where so much, your child, is entrusted to us daily.

If you have heard people talk of Frazier Park School’s short-comings, I will be the first to admit Frazier Park School is not perfect.  I would encourage those who “talk” about our short-comings to become part of the answer.

You will see changes next year: two new teachers, teachers at different grade levels, a new classroom wing (finally,) and other program changes.  There is much to look forward to as Frazier Park School works to continually improve.

Once again, thank you for being part of another great year.

Mr. Patrick Gross