It has been another great year of growth (social, physical, and academic) for your child at Frazier Park School. I want to personally thank you, the parent, for your support of your child’s education and our school. Working together, we make great things happen for your child.

I want to wish all our fourth grade students going to El Tejon Middle School next year the very best. I, along with the rest of the staff, look forward to hearing great things about them brought about through their efforts.

For the rest of our students, we want them to have a restful summer; however we do not want them to experience learning loss. Learning loss is real and we want to minimize it. Here are two suggestion to keep your child engaged over the summer:

  1. Boys and Girls Club has a great summer program. Check with the school office for more information.

  2. Frazier Park’s library also has some excellent programs over the summer. Check with the library for more information.

Once again, thank you for another great year and we look forward to working together for your child’s growth (social, physical, and academic) next year.

Mr. Patrick Gross