The commitment of parents for their children is obvious.  At Frazier Park School, we highly value that parental commitment and have no desire to try to take the place of parents.  As we work together and you support our educational efforts, we want to support your efforts as parents as well.

Having said this, let me as Frazier Park School’s principal, brag about my teachers’ commitment to your children’s education.  The teachers at Frazier Park School put in more extra time in preparation than is seen at most sites.  Contract actually states the teacher’s work day ends at 3:15. I do not know of any teacher that leaves prior to 4:00 and most are still on site at 5:00!

Recently a teacher was mentioning her commitment by the equipment she has procured by writing grants.  This is not unusual.  By writing a grant, our Kindergarten teachers just received a robotics unit where the students can make robotics devices.  First grade teachers have worked at getting numerous electronic tablets.  One teacher even has bought her own Smartboard.  The point is not to single out any one teacher but rather to say, Frazier Park School teacher have an outstanding commitment to your child’s education.

Parents and teachers working together make Frazier Park School an exceptional place for your child to grow.

Mr. Patrick Gross