Snack Time/Sign In - All students meet in the cafeteria to get checked in for the day. There they are greeted by their activity leader and are provided a healthy snack and juice or serving of milk. Afterwards groups separate and begin their daily routine.

Literacy Activities - Students will focus on activities that strengthen phonemic awareness and letter recognition skills. All enrolled students will receive 30 - 45 min daily sessions involving activities that include rhyming, repetitive patterns, and letter sound recognition. Activities during this time will include act out stories, rhyme with chants, songs, finger plays, and rhyming books.

PE Enrichment I - Students will participate regularly in a variety of physical activities and will demonstrate the physical, social, and emotional benefits gained from involvement from such activities.

Enrichment II - This enrichment corresponds with our weekly themes. Students will participate in a variety of activities that range from science, character building, drama, art, crafts, and other recreational activities.

Math Games - Students will play games that strengthen the necessary skills needed for success in Kindergarten. Games will be focused on learning the basic shapes, number recognition, addition and subtraction, and other grade level appropriate skills.

Group Enrichment - This enrichment allows all age groups to come together for one last activity of the day.